What tomorrow
looks like.

The new Downtown starts here.

4 World Trade Center is the most advanced office building of the 21st Century. Designed by Pritzker-prize winning architect Fumihiko Maki, this green building features natural light, fresh air and spectacular views. Located at the heart of the new Downtown, 4 World Trade Center offers direct access to virtually every city subway and some of the best new shops and restaurants in New York.

WTC4 Overview

Incredible views, natural light and fresh air.

Life is better here.

Floor-to-ceiling ultra-clear glass brings in more natural light than any other building in New York City. The building's occupants control their own climate and breathe fresh air drawn from the top of the tower and filtered to the highest standards. This creates a better work environment and reduces energy costs.

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WTC4 Corner Graphic

A blank canvas.

Column free open floor plates can accommodate any work configuration or layout.

The building was designed with open and efficient floor plates to allow tenants to create the ideal work environment for their business today and in the future. Column-free corners and 80-foot perimeter column spans enhance design options, increase the amount of natural light, and offer uninterrupted views from every window.

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Sustainable design.

Conserving resources and
creating savings.

Sustainable design reduces the building's carbon footprint, saves energy and water and contributes to the highest-quality work environment. Preserving natural resources is a priority everyone can agree on.

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4WTC Energy Efficient Windows, 4WTC High-Performance Glass