A reflection of
New York.

Capturing a place in the skyline.

"The design of 4 World Trade center has two fundamental elements - a 'minimalist' tower that achieves an appropriate presence, quiet but with dignity, and a 'podium' that becomes a catalyst for activating the surrounding urban streetscape as part of the revitalization of lower Manhattan." ~Architect Fumihiko Maki

4WTC Iconic Maki Design
4WTC Expansive Lobby

Inviting the outside in.

Inspiring a sense of wonder.

A majestic ground-floor lobby creates a breathtaking opening statement. Soaring 46-foot high glass walls on three sides combine with an inner wall of gleaming black granite to welcome in the sky, trees and natural light. Entrances on Greenwich Street, Cortandt Way and Liberty Street provide convenient direct access to transit and retail.

4WTC 46-Foot-High Lobby
4WTC Corner Office View
WTC4 Corner Infographic

See the world anew.

Expanding your horizons.

The southwest and northeast corners of the tower are articulated with deep notches in the two broad angles of the exterior to help define the edges of the façade. This architectural statement has yielded the added interior benefit of an increased number of corner offices with uninterrupted views.

4WTC Modern Piazza

Gracing the neighborhood.

A grand new urban center
for 21st century New York.

The Church Street side of the building buzzes with the activity of shops, restaurants and other top-flight conveniences - creating a comfortable but dynamic environment catering to visitors and tenants alike.

4WTC Location Map