Designed to enhance
your business.

Flexible, high-tech space improves productivity and creativity.

4 World Trade Center was designed for the companies and people who will make this building home. Open floor plates, natural light and fresh air and the latest technologies all contribute to the well-being and performance of your greatest asset – your employees.

4WTC Features

Less is more.

Getting more performance out of your office space.

Column-free interiors, minimal core penetration and large core to perimeter dimensions maximize design flexibility. Each floor features six column free corners and four 80-foot column free window spans. 5-foot mullion spacing is ideal for any type of workspace layout. Low-profile radiator covers preserve views and usable floor area. 13.5-foot slab heights permit a 10-foot ceiling from the core to the windows.

4WTC Energy Efficient Windows
4WTC Energy Efficient Windows, 4WTC High-Performance Glass

Let the sunshine in.

Maximum natural light and
spectacular views.

Floor-to-ceiling windows and up to 10-foot finished ceilings welcome the outside in, permitting natural light to fill the entire floor. High-performance glass with advanced façade glazing reflects heat in the summer and absorbs the sun’s winter warmth. Not to mention the most spectacular views in the City.

A superior environment.

Innovations you can see. And some you can’t.

Your work environment is brighter, more inviting and more energizing, which can help boost employee productivity and satisfaction. Even the quality of the air you breathe has been thoughtfully considered, and further enriches the overall experience of both tenants and guests alike.

Temperature control.

Each space is equipped with advanced, localized management of air volume and temperature — providing more accurate environmental control, year-round.

Breathe easier.

High Efficiency Particulate Filtration removes 95% of particulate matter. Fresh air intake volume exceeds code — and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring tracks changes, trends and more.

Quiet environment.

We have created a quiet environment that includes the latest whisper-smooth mechanical equipment and improved window technology that shuts out street noise.


Shorten your
elevator pitch.

Smart elevators know where you’re going – and get you there faster.

Computer-controlled, high-speed destination dispatch systems assign elevators to passengers with common destinations — shortening wait and travel times and reducing energy consumption. Consider every ride a quick study.