Designing a
better world.

Green building benefits occupants and the environment.

Environmental responsibility and energy efficiency are delivered through cutting-edge design, sophisticated engineering and advanced technologies. These innovations mean cost savings for tenants, and a healthier and more productive workplace. Benefits include cleaner air, increased natural light and reduced electricity and water usage.

4WTC Energy Conservation
4WTC Low Energy

Respect for nature, and for your bottom line.

  • 100% of building power comes from renewable sources including wind, solar and hydroelectric.
  • 20% less electricity than a conventional office building because of high-performance elevators, heating and cooling systems.
  • 30% less water, thanks to rain water collection and low-flow fixtures.
  • Full-height, insulated windows reduce the need for artificial lighting and air-conditioning.
4WTC Low Energy
4WTC Modern HVAC
4WTC Energy Efficient Windows, 4WTC High-Performance Glass

Taking the LEED in sustainability.

Green design through innovation.

  • Fuel cells generate electricity within the building and reduce emissions.
  • Rainwater is harvested on the roof and used to cool the building.
  • High-efficiency heating and cooling systems dramatically improve temperature control and conserve energy.
  • 50% of the building’s wood is sustainably harvested.
  • No ozone-depleting refrigerants are used, and all cleaning products are green.
  • Building materials include significant recycled content.
  • Preferred parking program for fuel-efficient vehicles.
4WTC Clean Construction

Building green.

Clean air during construction.

Through the pioneering Diesel Emissions Reduction Project, we improved the quality of life for our tenants and neighbors by reducing dust, air and water pollution. Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel was used with innovative filter technologies to reduce diesel emissions from construction equipment by as much as 90%. Equipment and vehicles were hosed down, minimizing dust. Construction materials were recycled.

WTC4 Skyline