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By: Tribeca Citizen

Yesterday seemed an apt day for a stroll around the long-resurrecting World Trade Center—somewhere I haven’t purposely been avoiding, but also haven’t spent much time at since the weather turned dreary. If you haven’t visited in a while, you’ll be surprised at the sense of place that now exists there.

Walking down Church, you’ll see that 3 World Trade Center is indeed coming along—I wasn’t planning on this post, so I didn’t take every photo that I should’ve—and that the fencing is down around the street level of 4 World Trade Center. The security measures take over a lane of Church, which is too bad. (All of these photos get bigger if you click on them.)

Then, assuming you can handle descending a few stairs, take the pedestrian alley between 3 and 4 World Trade Center. It ends at Greenwich, where you get a pretty view of 4 World Trade Center’s Greenwich Street entrance.

Naturally, I peeked in the lobby…. There’s digital video art in the rear—you can see it in the second image; look for the trees.

And then I stopped for an Instagram. If you have anything to do with 4WTC, please think about letting me inside. It’s only fair.

The Greenwich/Liberty corner of 4 World Trade Center has been unveiled for a while, but it still looks nice.

Turning 180 degrees, I took a photo of what will one day be Liberty Park (atop the Rudolph William Louis Giuliani Vehicular Security Center):

But the pièce de résistance is the World Trade Center Transportation Hub. I know you can see it looking down Church and Greenwich, but only when you get closer do you really absorb how it’s going to dominate the area. From Church Street:

The next two images are from inside the 9/11 Memorial. (By the way, when will enough time have passed to allow for garbage cans?) In the first photo, look closely at how it’s see-through at street level. I’m not sure I really have a sense of how one is going to interact, if at all, with the above-grade part of this structure; is it just windowed to allow in light to the mall below?

And from Greenwich and Barclay.

News: 04.06.2015