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By: Tobias Salinger | Commercial Observer

Lance Jay Brown and Rick Bell of AIA New York Chapter (Sebastiano Tomada)

Lance Jay Brown, FAIA, president of the American Institute of Architects’ New York Chapter, and Rick Bell, FAIA, the organization’s executive director, offered their expert perspectives on the three New York City-based winners of the trade and advocacy group’s 2014 architecture design awards in an exclusive email interview with Commercial Observer.

The three local architecture “honor award” designees make up a larger group of 13 awardees and 22 merit recipients in four categories that includes national and international projects by New York City-based architects culled from 383 submissions by four separate juries convened for the occasion, and the organization’s two prominent leaders explained both the beauty and sophistication of the winners as well as the idea behind the contest.

“Our awards program varies from year to year based on the challenges facing the profession, opportunities provided by clients, and the theoretical pursuits, technical innovations, and aesthetic interests that the competitors bring to their work,” Mr. Brown wrote. “It is our hope that the submissions will illuminate current concerns and serve as a means of recognition for the competitors and new knowledge for the viewers. The expression of evolving generations coming to grips with changing demographics, climate, and technology is extremely exciting for all involved.”

4 World Trade Center. (AIANY)

4 World Trade Center

Architect: Maki and Associates

Client: Silverstein Properties

Mr. Bell: Its visible form, rising over the construction sites of adjacent towers-to-be, mirrors and refracts the complexity of Manhattan since Sept. 11, 2001. Its detailing carefully brings human scale to a tall structure, while its lobby-level artwork draws the eye upward, beyond the mundane. Most importantly its mix of uses, including retail and access to mass-transit, speak to the next generation of Manhattan commercial buildings, schooled by structures in Tokyo and Hong Kong, but, in this instance, a self-made Lower Manhattan success story.”

Mr. Brown: Fumihiko Maki has graced Ground Zero with a most elegant and sophisticated work of architecture, with a capital ‘A.’ Clearly conceived, contextually responsive, with extremely innovative detailing and a material palette that nourishes all the senses. A visit to the lobby evidences the serious and sensitive respect the building pays to the sacred site it fronts, reflecting the trees to brace the guests, visitors, and pilgrims.

News: 07.31.2014