New York Today: A (Lawful) Trade Center Climb - The New York Times

By: Annie Correal | The New York Times

Karsten Moran for The New York Times

Good morning to you. Happy Friday.

About 700 people will converge on the World Trade Center next week.

But not to try anything sneaky, like, say, parachuting from One World Trade Center.

This group will race up 72 floors at Four World Trade Center, on Thursday.

It’s called the “Runyon Up,” and it’s the first stair-climb at the trade center site, organized by the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation.

John Theissen, a climber from Long Island, told us that he expects to reach the top of the glass-paneled skyscraper in about 10 minutes.

“I’ve done a dozen and half races up buildings,” said Mr. Theissen, 43, who heads a charity for children with cancer.

He’s gone up the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower in Chicago (110 floors) and the Empire State Building (86).

What’s stair-climbing like?

“Your throat hurts,” he said. “You get a cough because the stairwell is so dry and it’s usually hot.”

“By the 20th floor your heart is pounding so fast you have to ignore it because it feels like you’re having a heart attack.

“It’s amazing,” he added.


News: 03.28.2014