ULI Fall 2014

This year, ULI New York held their Fall Meeting in New York City. The conference brought together more than 7,000 real estate professionals from across the country. The week was filled with meetings, cocktails, tours and networking sessions. 4WTC was a proud sponsor of the conference, hosting a dozen events throughout the week including the Council Day Meetings for UDMUC Red, UDMUC Silver and UDMUC Purple, along with the WTC tour: From Recovery to Rejuvenation" on October 20th, which included a visit to the 63rd floor of One World Trade Center, a tour of the 9/11 Memorial, and a tour of award-winning 4WTC.

"Designed by some of the world’s leading architects, the new WTC is a model urban neighborhood that combines a bustling street level experience with grand open spaces, a train station, as well as new sustainably designed office buildings and stores." -ULI

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News: 10.31.2014